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6 Tips before Welcoming a Golden Retriever into the House

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Who doesn’t love dogs?

One of the most beloved dog breeds is the Golden Retriever, and that’s probably because this breed is friendly and good-natured. Are you thinking of getting a golden pup to welcome into the family?

There are a few reminders you should consider before getting that adorable puppy.

1. Dogs need time to warm up to the new family. Even though Golden Retrievers are friendly, don’t expect them to be affectionate towards you the minute you bring them home. Everything is unfamiliar to them at first and they do not know whether they can trust you. Give them a few more weeks to gradually warm up to your presence and consider the house safe.

2. Keep your onions away from the dog. Aside from chocolate, onion is very fatal to them. Although onion is one good herbal remedy, it contains a certain chemical that can cause imminent death to your dogs if they eat it unknowingly.

3. Avoid feeding pups chicken bones. Bones of chicken are brittle. When the dog bites and swallows them, sharp pieces may cause damage internally.

4. Bathe the dogs regularly. If your dog interacts with other dogs, it might get ticks or flees. You better bathe the dog using a special shampoo made for them to make sure that their coat remains shiny, golden, and parasite-free.

5. Clean the surroundings. Your dog might also develop sickness if the house is unclean. Even the people coming and going can carry harmful bacteria that might affect the dog, so even you and your family need to be clean at all times.

6. Be aware of behavioral changes. One way to know whether the dog is sick is if it is not acting normally. Since Golden Retrievers are usually happy and active, if they look sad or lethargic, call the veterinarian immediately.

Aleshsa Wilson is a staff writer at RockwelNutrition.com.

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