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The Conscious Crusader Issue #12 - Your newsletter for healthy, cruelty-free, and sustainable living
May 01, 2012

Welcome to the Conscious Crusader’s
12th Edition!

The Conscious Crusader

This month we have an update on our special event Health, Healing & Happiness for you!

  • What is this event about?
  • The amazing speakers at the event
  • Springs Preserve - our beautiful event location
  • Our great sponsors - join us and promote your brand in Las Vegas!
  • The entire event schedule at a glance
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Introduction of Health, Healing & Happiness
- June 08-10th in Las Vegas

Health, Healing & Happiness

This first-of-its-kind event is called "Health, Healing & Happiness", hosted by my company It takes place June 08-10th 2012 at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas.

You have heard about this event in February for the first time and I apologize that I haven't been in touch for a while!

But here I am, organizing a 3-day event and juggling over hundred attendees, sponsors, and speakers by myself. So I hope you will forgive me that I have focused entirely on this project for the last few weeks!

And I will continue doing so to make sure that I can bring you the best event ever for natural health solutions that embrace the whole body, mind & spirit!

So if you need a great reason to come to Las Vegas, attend our event and combine an amazing veg-friendly seminar with the great fun that our city has to offer!

What can you expect at Health, Healing & Happiness?

  • 20 world-class speakers
  • Vegan and Raw Vegan cooking demos by three of the most amazing master chefs of plant-based nutrition in Las Vegas
  • Saturday night party with snacks and live entertainment
  • Great raffle prizes and giveaways
  • FREE movies
  • FREE yoga and tai chi classes
  • Vendor marketplace with up to 30 great companies and projects

Join the Health Healing & Happiness Mailing List to catch our Early Bird Ticket Discounts and get exciting news about the conference!

What is this event about?


I have created Health, Healing & Happiness to raise awareness for natural health solutions like diet and lifestyle, which can prevent and heal diseases from the inside out.

My mission is to empower everyone to take control of their own health and their life!

  • Take control of your own health from the inside out with the best and purest foods for optimal health
  • Discover natural healing solutions that embrace your body, mind, and spirit
  • Experience the happiness of making new friends and enjoy the great entertainment of Las Vegas

Here are just a few of our presentation subjects:

Learn the secrets of healthy long-term weight loss without calorie-counting or carb-slashing!

Prevent and reverse high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and get rid of your medications.

Meet fitness and wellness celebs for an inside look at their secrets for health and vibrancy.

Spice-up your exercise and boost your muscle strength with powerful protein "underdogs".

Slow aging, look radiant, increase vitality – all without expensive products.

Discover how your outer beauty depends on your inner happiness

Find out what the SANVIVO wheel is and how you can personalize this event especially for you!

The amazing speakers at the event

Green Events

Here are just a few of our 20 speakers who will present on the subjects of nutrition, fitness, spirituality, personal development, and green living:

Dr. John McDougall - Physician and National Bestselling Author who has helped thousands of patients reverse even serious illnesses like heart disease with the right diet and lifestyle choices.

Loren Slocum - Personal Development Coach; Bestselling Author; Motivational Speaker who worked with Anthony Robbins for many years.

Swami Ramananda - "The Yogi of Caesar's Palace"; Spiritual Leader and Yoga Teacher to celebrities like Elton John; Master in Feng Shui who has consulted hundreds of people, organizations, and hotel casino moguls like Steve Wynn.

Dr. Kirt Tyson - Physician who has reversed his own diabetes with the raw food diet and has worked successfully with many patients on natural diabetes and cancer solutions.

Dr. Darian Parker - Las Vegas Fitness Guru with Ph.D in Sports Education Leadership

Barbara Mathison - President of the Vegetarian Society Utah about Healthy Long-term Weight Loss and Reversion of High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol with diet alone.

Chef Mayra - Famous Vegan Chef who owns "Pura Vida Bystro" - THE best vegan restaurant in Las Vegas will provide a cooking demo with delicious food samples.

Dr. Michael Greger - Medical Doctor who presents the latest in nutritional science in a fun and entertaining way to help audiences rediscover their inner healing powers.

Vanessa Chamberlin - Popular Holistic Health Coach in Las Vegas and Wellness Forum Graduate

Chef Sharynne - Famous Raw Vegan Chef who owns "Something's Brewing" Coffee Houses will wow us with a cooking demo and samples of her raw food express menu

And so many more!

Check out all of our speakers with their bios and presentation topics.

Springs Preserve - our beautiful event location

Springs Preserve

We are very excited to hold our first annual Health, Healing & Happiness at the Springs Preserve in the heart of Las Vegas, which is a great location for events of all kinds with its stunning architecture, beautiful nature displays, gardens, trails, and a great array of modern conference rooms with natural light and state-of-the-art technology.

Opened in June 2007, Springs Preserve features museums, galleries, outdoor events, colorful botanical gardens and an interpretive trail system through a scenic wetland habitat.

Besides being Platinum LEED certified for adhering to the most stringent sustainability and green building guidelines, Springs Preserve is also:

  • a nationally registered historic place since 1978, which makes this 180-acre cultural institution the perfect spot to learn about Las Vegas' dynamic history and to provide an active vision for a sustainable future.
  • a certified wildlife habitat with a vast menagerie of desert animals, gardens, burrows, brush and wetlands, which have earned it this classification by the National Wildlife Federation.
  • the home for the Nevada State Museum with expansive collections around the history of Las Vegas and Nevada.
  • voted as the Best Family Attraction and Best Art Gallery in Las Vegas by readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal in 2011.

Find out more about Springs Preserve

Our great sponsors - join us and promote your brand in Las Vegas!


This is the first of its kind, total natural health immersion event in Las Vegas that presents natural solutions and life style options that embrace your entire body, mind, and spirit.

This conference will draw attendees, speakers, and exhibitors from the wide spectrum of nutrition, health, wellness, fitness, holistic medicine, spirituality, personal development, green living, and community engagement.

We are expecting up to 200 attendees from Las Vegas and surrounding regions including Southern California, Utah, and Arizona.

We still have attractive marketing and product sponsor opportunities available, so contact me if you are interested to promote your brand to a health-conscious audience in Las Vegas!

Click here to see our current sponsors and find out more about sponsorship opportunities.

The entire event schedule at a glance

Event schedule

Here is a look at our preliminary event schedule. Please note that this remains subject to change.

Register now to take advantage of the Early Bird Price!

An event like Health, Healing & Happiness that offers so much value is attractive to many people, and we love the attention that we are able to gather for it!

We still have our amazing Early Bird Ticket of just $89 for the entire 3-day event until MAY 05 only!

After that the ticket price will go up to $119, so ACT FAST and secure your best value ticket now. You can also get a day pass if you can join us for only Saturday or Sunday of the event.

Here is what's all included in your ticket price:

  • Up to 20 Inspiring Speakers
  • Vegan and Raw Cooking Demos with Food Samples
  • All Day Refreshments
  • Raffle Prizes & Door Prizes
  • Free Movies
  • Free Yoga and Tai Chi Classes
  • Free Massage
  • Friday Welcome Reception
  • Saturday Night Party With Snacks and Live Music
  • Vendor Marketplace

Click here to secure your ticket now!

Thanks for yor support and I hope to see you in Las Vegas this June at Health, Healing & Happiness!

Please help me to spread the word via facebook too: like us and share!

Your host Ina Mohan
Founder & President of

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