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Get the latest updates about animal rights from the 2010 Animal Rights Conference

Animal Rights Conference

The fur industry uses horrible animal cruelty for their fashion - even if it's labeled faux fur! Find out why.

Caged dogs for fur

Your Most Amazing Animal Stories

Amazing animal

Belsandia visitors read about the animal cruelty that takes place every minute for food, fashion, sport, science, etc, and each of these accounts is heart-wrenching.

So, we would like to know if you have a favorite animal story with a positive outcome - where the animal was saved, freed, healed, rescued, or simply played an important part in your life!

  • Have you ever rescued an animal that was in need?
  • Do you have an amazing, funny, or surprising story about your interaction with an animal?
  • Did you learn something awesome about an animal that you did not know before?
  • Were you able to change an animal's destiny for the better through adoption, activism, medical care, not eating it, etc.?

We would love to hear your favorite animal tales - no matter if the main actor is your pet, a farm animal, a wild animal, the neighbor's cat - we want to share your experience and cheer to your success!

Don't be shy - and you can brag a little if your encounter with the animal led to a great outcome for both of you. Other readers will love to read your story and get inspired by your good deeds!

Skip directly to the amazing animal stories that other readers have submitted!

Do You Have An Amazing Animal Story To Share?

Share you best animal moment with us!

The Surprising Animal Stories that Other Readers have shared

Other readers have shared funny and heart-warming animal stories too – read all about their amazing encounters here.

Suburban January 17, 2013 Edition Owner saves dog that fell through ice in Sayreville Bob Motyka had to pull himself out of icy water after saving his …

Cat saves homeowner 
Who says cats can't save lives? This morning our Cat Skit was already awake, staring at our entrance to the hot water heater inside the closet. At first …

6 Tips before Welcoming a Golden Retriever into the House  
Who doesn’t love dogs? One of the most beloved dog breeds is the Golden Retriever, and that’s probably because this breed is friendly and good-natured. …

Rex, an "SPCA Bay Of Islands" Shelter Dog Part 1 
Why Rescue? A story from an "SPCA Bay Of Islands" Shelter Dog. How we got Rex" It's only my old dog and I; a rescue dog from the SPCA Shelter, We're …

Kimball Lake Rescue 
Standing at the edge of Kimball Lake my heart began to race with nervous excitement. We were about to embark on a dangerous mission. Earlier this …

My Name Is Anonymous 
I was 4 1/2 when things began to go awry. Hearing the tension escalating in the house made me nervous. Mom left and shortly after so did my dad. The sun …

Man on a mission: Robert Lucius fights Vietnam dog meat trade 
A Man On A Mission: Vegan US Marines Officer Robert Lucius Promotes Humane Education And Fights The Dog Meat Trade In Vietnam I had the great pleasure …

Beagle Rescue June 2011 by ARME  
If you have read the Beagle Rescue story in Belsandia's newsletter May edition, you will be delighted to hear that the rescue group ARME has been …

The Beagle Freedom Project by ARME  
ARME stands for Animal Rescue Media & Education , a Los Angeles based non-profit run by my good friend Shannon Keith. Shannon's mission with ARME is …

Lucky the cat returned home safe after missing 4 weeks 
Lucky our cat really got lucky after he was missing for 4 weeks Our cat Lucky is a grey tabby who was rescued from the local shelter in 2006. He was …

Lucy - The Taiwan Tu Gou Dog I rescued 
I used to run an English school in Taiwan, and one day, when I went to work, there was a new dog sitting by the door of the school. A black Taiwanese Tu …

No Road Kill Tonight 
I remember one night driving down the street with my boyfriend many years ago. I have a soft spot for animals trying to cross the road and absolutely dislike …

Fly - the Farm Collie Dog  
Fly was just 5 months old when she came into my life - a half sized collie covered in faeces and with one front leg hanging lifelessly. Fly was the …

Canine Assistants Service Dogs Change People's Lives 
Through a dog's eyes, the world is full of opportunities to bring happiness. Dogs see things very different from any other animal. This is what Canine …

Max – Our Loyal Golden Retriever Does Houdini Acts 
Our golden retriever dog Max came to us as a one-month old pup in a small basket, looking so adorable with those button eyes, that one could not help but …

Turtle Rescue On Busy Street 
I was lucky enough to perform several animal rescues where the critters had to be saved from oncoming traffic or the claws of my cats - but this turtle …

Woman saves choking bear in Wisconsin Not rated yet
A courageous woman didn't think twice when she awoke to find a bear choking to death in her yard. She risked her life dislodging a bone from the animal's …

Click here to write your own.

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