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Avoid Diabetes

Question: I've had two heart attacks. My vascular system is in poor, but not irreparable shape. I'm determined to adopt a diet containing no animal products and no added fats or oils, in addition to adopting an exercise program.

However, I recognize the risk of throwing myself into diabetes if my nutrition choices are inappropriate.

So, my question is: how do I adopt the relatively strict diet described above without risking diabetes?

Answer by Ina from Belsandia:

Kudos to you for making this choice and for choosing prevention over simply treating symptoms with strong medication or invasive surgery! I am very glad that you are considering a fully plant-based diet and a strict reduction of fats. These dietary changes, along with regular exercise, are essential to reversing heart disease, and to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure to a level that will prevent heart attacks in the future.

A balanced diet that relies on unprocessed whole foods with minimal sugars, fat, and salt is key to reverse disease and to regain your health.

With the right balance between fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, you will prevent diabetes effectively as well, as your blood sugar will be maintained in healthy levels and you will be properly nourished with all essential nutrients that you need.

As a start, please take a look at this web page about the right food choice for healthy weight loss. While you are not concerned with weight loss, the page explains in more details how you should compose your meals to stay healthy, and what to eat a lot, what to eat in strict moderation, and what to avoid entirely.

The best source I can think of to reverse or prevent diabetes is Dr Neal Barnard, who has a book and documentary on the subject. He is an expert specifically for diabetes type 2 reversal and prevention. Dr Barnard is also well versed in the vegan diet benefits for all other health aspects including remedies for heart disease, cancer, obesity, and healthy weight loss.

Another expert I recommend for reversing heart disease is Dr Caldwell Esselstyn. He promotes a vegan, low fat diet and has proven with many of his own patients that you can effectively reverse heart disease and its symptoms by adopting the right diet.

As you are adopting a vegan diet, be sure to find a good plant-based supplement for vitamin B12 and omega 3 fatty acids. These are the only nutrients that vegans tend to get deficient in (and actually most omnivores too). *

*Omega 3 can be obtained from ground flax seeds and walnuts as well, although the body has to convert it into a more absorbable form afterwards. A plant supplement may be easier here.

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