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Beagle Rescue June 2011 by ARME

by Ina
(Las Vegas)

The last time this beagle looked so sad - because he was finally allowed out of his cage afterwards!

The last time this beagle looked so sad - because he was finally allowed out of his cage afterwards!

The last time this beagle looked so sad - because he was finally allowed out of his cage afterwards! Nine lucky beagles rescued and on their way to their temporary home This beagle makes his first steps outside the cage - ever Meet Frida - this sweet girl is ready for adoption in her forever home now!

If you have read the Beagle Rescue story in Belsandia's newsletter May edition, you will be delighted to hear that the rescue group ARME has been able to rescue more beagles just a few days ago: nine in total!

The dogs were bred specifically for a research facility, a test lab in an LA university, where they have been put through invasive tests for years.

They have never set foot outside their cages - ever.

They never felt the grass under their paws or played with a ball. Dogs in research also get debarked to spare the lab staff the "nuisance" of barking.

Nine more of these beautiful dogs have just been handed over to Shannon Keith's rescue organization ARME, which stands for Animal Rescue, Media & Education.

Shannon has rescued animals that were on LA shelter death rows with her non-profit for many years. Her own home acts as refuge to three rescued dogs, and of late, also two senior kitties that escaped euthanasia thanks to Shannon's big heart. I will get a chance to visit this jolly family of six again in July, when I visit for the Animal Rights Conference in LA.

The nine rescued beagles are now learning to behave like dogs for the first time.

It is heart-wrenching at first and then very heart-warming when you watch them hesitate to get out of their open cages - as they were never allowed outside before - and then finally take their first cautious steps onto the green grass. Slowly but surely the doggies start to realize that they can finally behave as nature intended them to: running, jumping, playing, or snoozing on someone's lab.

What a life after endless years in painful, invasive research in a dark test lab, where humans were never gentle or kind to them!

Watch the new rescue video from June 2011, which was covered by the local Los Angeles media and enjoyed by animal lovers nationwide.

Share into the joy of watching these loving dogs be happy for the first time in their lives!

And check here for photos and the full story!

Meet each one of these lucky pups who are now hoping to be adopted into loving forever homes. Please share this story with your friends and anyone who may like a new best friend!

These beautiful dogs have deserved a new chance at a life free of pain and trauma - could you be the one to give it to them? Click here for adoption information.

Comments for Beagle Rescue June 2011 by ARME

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Feb 13, 2015
by: annmariapeter

I like those guys who rescues the animals from their difficult situation. The attitude of the group or organization that rescues animals must be given sponsorships in order to make their activity worldwide.So make it a good initiation for these rescuers. Let them save lives.

Jun 16, 2011
The beagles deserve it
by: Shannon

This is a beautifully written story and very heart-warming indeed! Let's hope that Beagle Freedom Project can rescue many more beagles and find home for these loving dogs

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