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Easy healthy recipes that help you lose weight: our low fat low calorie recipes are healthy and delicious!

low calorie meals
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A healthy weight loss diet brings your pounds down and maintains your long-term health. Find out how!

healthy weight loss diet

Are you worried about getting enough protein or calcium? Our food nutrition chart has all the answers and some surprising facts!

fresh antioxidant foods

These easy healthy recipes include vegetarian recipes that are heart healthy and low calorie. Make sure to try our healthy snacks and vegan dessert recipes too!

Colorful peppers

Easy Healthy Recipes

Take a look at these easy healthy recipes and find out how good heart healthy food can taste without meat or fish. These are all low calorie, healthy vegetarian recipes, and all of them can be modified into easy vegan recipes to be entirely cruelty-free. If a dish includes milk or eggs, I have posted the vegan recipe alternative next to it.

None of these heart healthy recipes requires much time or effort - and you may be surprised how great these nutrient-packed healthy vegetarian recipes do taste! So, why not try our tasty alternatives to the standard American fare, while saving lots of calories and packing on the good nutrition.

  • Healthy Breakfast Smoothies - the best way to get multiple servings of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy protein into your first meal of the day! Our smoothies are nutrition-packed but light.
  • Healthy Snacks - a great variety of heart healthy snacks from across the world that you can enjoy without adding loads of calories or fat.
  • Sumptuous Appetizers - tasty vegetarian recipes for starters and appetizers, including vegetarian soups.
  • Healthy Lunch Recipes - these light vegan lunch recipes are just what you are looking for on a warm summer day.
  • Delicious Entrees - healthy vegetarian recipes for main dishes like vegetarian lasagna, vegetarian meatloaf, seitan recipes, Indian and Thai recipes, comfort foods, and much more.
  • Healthy Desserts and Cookies - These delightful sweets also include vegan cake recipes and vegan cookies - for the holidays and beyond..

Heart Healthy Recipes

heart healthy recipes

High cholesterol and high blood pressure are the main reasons for heart disease and cardiac arrest. You can prevent them with these heart healthy recipes and the right heart healthy diet.

Our easy healthy recipes are low cholesterol, vegetarian recipes, with all the essential nutrients that will please your heart in every way.

All our heart healthy recipes are plant-based to give you the absolute maximum benefit of delicious meals without cholesterol or excess saturated fat.

Would you like to know what heart healthy foods you can eat?
Take a look at our food nutrition data and compare the essential nutrients in animal and plant foods.

Low Fat and Low Calorie Recipes

garden sandwich

Plant foods are usually low in calories already, so you can enjoy these delectable low calorie, easy healthy recipes without second thoughts.

Apart from cutting animal products, the trick is to load up on natural whole foods and to skip processed foods that have refined sugars or salt.

Refined sugar is deposited in your body as fat, as it is not an essential nutrient (remember the saying: "one minute on the palate and forever on the hips").

Salt binds water in your tissue, which is counter-productive for healthy weight loss, and it can make you feel bloated. Most foods have sufficient nutritious salt in their natural form, and extra seasoning for taste can be healthy if you use herbs, spices, or some vinegars instead of salt.

The low calorie meals I have listed here support any healthy diet weight loss, and they include great heart healthy alternatives to sweeten or season your dishes, while keeping you healthy and assisting your weight loss program in a fast but sustainable manner.

So what foods are delicious and also have the healthy nutrients you need without the added calories? Find out more facts about nutrition and discover our healthy foods chart.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended as medical advice. It is solely based on the experience and information researched and gathered from reputable sources by Ina Mohan. Please consult with your certified healthcare provider to ensure that you can safely follow the healthy eating guidelines provided on this website. Ina Mohan encourages you to research and verify all health and diet information that you receive, particularly from sources that may have a commercial interest in disputing the healing capabilities of the human body with wholesome nutrition.