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To go green at home must not be expensive or time-consuming. Find out how.

going green at home

Going green with food saves more greenhouse gases than all clean energies. Read more..

save the earth

Follow healthy eating guidelines with these easy and light recipes. They are all heart healthy and fast to make!


You can prevent or treat fatal diseases with the right diet. Learn more about our healthy eating guidelines

healthy eating guidelines

Go green at home with these creative ideas - save money and waste with go green tips "outside the recycle box"

go green at home

Our list of 5 creative Going Green at Home Ideas

To go green at home does not just mean fluorescent light bulbs and reduce, reuse, recycle - all of that is important and should be done anyway, but they are some easily overlooked areas that you can "green-up" around your home without much effort and with surprising effect.

  • When lighting candles or your fireplace at home, use matches instead of lighters. Matches are made of wood and can be recycled in the paper bin, whereas lighters use gas and will end up on landfills. Even for your fireplace you can find longer matches that get the fire going without burning your fingers.
  • Don't get a paper phonebook to go green at home! Consider when you have last consulted a local phone directory made from paper - maybe 3 years ago..? The huge phone books in the bigger cities are an enormous paper waste. Most local businesses have an online presence now, or have a listing in the online yellow book, city search, yelp, Google places, etc. And if you are looking for a private phone number, everybody listed in the phone book can usually also be found via 411 directory services for private numbers.
  •  Do you think that washing your car at home is saving water? Think again! While it may conserve the fuel cost, your water use is considerably more at home than at the car wash - hard to believe right? And besides, the soapy car wash water that runs off your front porch can pollute a nearby water supply. Commercial car washes have to use filters for chemicals before sending off the wastewater to treatment facilities, so go green at home by NOT washing your car there.
  • Have more candle light dinners on your patio or balcony - and challenge yourself to leave the lights and any other energy source off as long as you can. You can even read by candle light with the right size candle! And who says that you can't have a candle light dinner by yourself too ..? Not only do you save energy, but it's also a great way to reconnect - with yourself or another person - and without the consistent noise and humming of background distractions like TVs, computers, etc. So try to go green at home without that much external entertainment, and instead enjoy great conversation, a great reading session, or simply a great moment of silence or meditation!
  • Skip buying gift bags and use reusable tote bags for your gift-giving instead! These reusable totes are long-lasting and will be used more often that gift bags - they make great go green ideas and you can send an important message with a green touch if you get a tote from a charity and promote a cause with your gifts. Here are some great go green totes from very worthy non-profit organizations:

1. The Greater Good Network allows you to pick your favorite cause and then shop for bags & totes here. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the cause of your choice. From this site you can select your cause, search for totes and then navigate to their options.

2. PCRM is the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which offers excellent information about treating and preventing diseases with the right diet and lifestyle choices.

They support healthy school lunch programs and are committed to attainable solutions for our obesity problem and health crisis. PCRM is one of my favorite non-profits and I support them whole-heartedly. You can find a great shopping tote with their message here.

3. For animal lovers, PETA has a myriad of great tote choices, which convey a message of compassion for all living creatures!

What great go green at home tips do you use? Please share with us or comment on the ideas above!

Find out how you can save energy at home

You can do more than using fluorescent light bulbs, which is of course a great start. Find out how much energy is wasted in an average household and what you can do to save energy cost and waste.

Reduce and save water at home to go green

Did you know that an average shower uses 4 gallons of water per minute? That makes long showers even more water-wasteful than bubble baths! Find out more interesting water usage facts and how you can reduce your water use efficiently.

Cut down on paper waste for a greener home

While paper is the most recycable waste we produce, this should not be a thumbs-up for continuing our paper habits unchecked. The average US household receives 1.5 trees worth of junk mail every year. Find out how you can reduce your paper waste and live with less clutter in your green home.

See more tips for recycling and going green at home

You may already recycle your paper and some plastic to go green at home, but what about electronics or used oil? Find more green living tips for your home and some astounding facts.

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