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Green driving and going green at home can be in-expensive and easy. Find out how.

going green at home

Going green with food saves more greenhouse gases than all clean energies. Read more..

save the earth

Follow healthy eating guidelines with these easy and light recipes. They are all heart healthy and fast to make!


You can prevent or treat fatal diseases with the right diet. Learn more about our healthy eating guidelines

healthy eating guidelines

Green driving tips that can turn your transport into a go green car! Find out how to increase fuel efficiency with these simple going green tips

green driving tips

Our List of 7 Latest Green Driving Tips

There are many green driving tips that can increase fuel efficiency and green your car without a major investment such as switching to a hybrid. Here are seven go green ideas for your car that cost you practically nothing:

  1. Try a 'green" engine oil or synthetic lubricant for your car: AMSOIL is synthetic engine oil not made from fossil fuels. This oil is said to prolong the life of your car's engine and you only need to change oil once a year. This is a first small step away from petroleum-based car products. You can also find other brands that make cleaner synthetic oils.
  2. Only carry in your car what you really need – more weight means more torque is needed to get you moving at the traffic light, all at the cost of your gas mileage and fuel efficiency. For green driving, also remove any extra wind resistant items you may have on the car, such as luggage or ski racks.
  3. Consider switching off your engine instead of idling when you stand anywhere longer than 30 seconds. Idling pollutes at twice the rate as one stop and restart of your car's engine. For each gallon of gasoline you burn, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide are created and emitted into the environment! You can save gas and carbon pounds by simply switching off during longer waits.
  4. Fill up fuel early in the morning or after sunset if you live in hot climates, as that reduces the toxic fumes that can heat up during fueling. Also avoid "topping off" the tank, as that often leads to spills and makes any anti-pollution device in the pump meaningless for green driving.
  5. You've heard it before: sticking to the speed limit is actually safer for the environment than racing to your destination at higher speed. Even if you may safe a few minutes of time to reach your destination, speeding and sharper stopping and accelerating all increase the vehicle fuels being burnt, and lead to higher carbon dioxide emissions. Driving at speed limit will also increase your fuel efficiency and save you a few bucks along the way. So take a deep breathe and resist the urge to leave everyone behind on the road!
  6. Keep your car's tire pressure at the right level. The right amount of inflation will ensure proper tire traction on the road and will decrease your oil usage by a fair amount. Tire inflation should be checked along with oil every 3 months or 3000 miles. An inexpensive tire gauge will also do a good job in telling you when it's time to pump up air again.
  7. Replace your air filter, oil filter, and oil regularly. Not only will that prolong the life of your car, but cleaning away the dirt accumulated in filters reduces blockage that can decrease your fuel efficiency for green driving.

Even at home there are many easy and non-expensive steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Check out some going green at home ideas. http://www.belsandia.com/going-green-at-home.html

You can even do more by going green with food. Did you know that skipping meat just one day a week saves more greenhouse gases than switching to a hybrid car? We have many more surprising going green with food tips here. http://www.belsandia.com/going-green-with-food.html.


Find out how you can save energy at home

You can do more than using fluorescent light bulbs, which is of course a great start. Find out how much energy is wasted in an average household and what you can do to save energy cost and waste.

Reduce and save water at home to go green

Did you know that an average shower uses 4 gallons of water per minute? That makes long showers even more water-wasteful than bubble baths! Find out more interesting water usage facts and how you can reduce your water use efficiently.

Cut down on paper waste for a greener home

While paper is the most recycable waste we produce, this should not be a thumbs-up for continuing our paper habits unchecked. The average US household receives 1.5 trees worth of junk mail every year. Find out how you can reduce your paper waste and live with less clutter in your green home.

See more tips for recycling and going green at home

You may already recycle your paper and some plastic to go green at home, but what about electronics or used oil? Find more green living tips for your home and some astounding facts.

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