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Green Events: Interview with Comfortably Unaware Author Dr. Richard Oppenlander - Why our Food Choices are Killing our Planet

Comfortably Unaware
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Going green with food saves more greenhouse gases than all clean energies. Read more..

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Along with attending a sustainable event, try going green at home too - it's easy and affordable!

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Our modern food production jeopardizes human health and destroys the environment. Find out why.

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Corporate factory farming is often synonymous with animal cruelty. This disrespect for animal welfare and the ignorance of suffering has wide-reaching consequences.

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Cage free, free range, and grass fed mean cruelty-free, correct? Think again...

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The fur industry uses horrible animal cruelty for their fashion - even if it's labeled faux fur! Find out why fur of any kind costs animal lives.

Caged dogs for fur

Follow healthy eating guidelines with these easy and light recipes. They are all heart healthy and fast to make!


Great low calorie and low fat recipes that are healthy and delicious!

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Foods that heal - discover the medicinal power of curry spices

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You can prevent or treat fatal diseases with the right diet. Learn more about our healthy eating guidelines

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Healthy diets that are heart-healthy and low cholesterol are plant-based diets

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Natural flu remedies and foods that can heal a bad cold

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"Find the best foods that provide your daily essential nutrients! Our food nutrition chart has all the answers and some surprising facts!

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Find Green Events, Environmental Summits, Eco Festivals, And Vegan Events Around the US In November 2011

Green Events and Vegan Events - November 2011

Help the planet by attending a green event or vegan event near you! Find out where gogreen events, eco festivals, green expos, and vegan events take place in your city and your state in November 2011.

Select your state below to find events:

AL | AK | AZ | AR | CA | CO | CT | DC | DE | FL | GA | HI | ID | IL | IN | IA | KS | KY | LA | ME | MD | MA | MI | MN | MS | MO | MT | NE | NV | NH | NJ | NM | NY | NC | ND | OH | OK | OR | PA | RI | SC | SD | TN | TX | UT | VT | VA | WA | WV | WI | WY

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Attending Green Events and Vegan Events are great ways to celebrate Mother Nature and to get new ideas to reduce your carbon footprint. But do you know what is BY FAR the most efficient, cheapest, and fastest way to help the planet? Going Green with Food - find out more!

Alabama - AL   no green or vegan events listed yet
Alaska - AK   no green or vegan events listed yet
14-15 November Phoenix Utility Alliance Sustainability Forum
17-18 November Chandler The Green Grid Technical Committee Summit
Arkansas - AR   no green or vegan events listed yet
01 November Encino World Vegan Day Celebration
02 November Watsonville Event Details - The Inside Story on LEED Rating Systems from the Experts at Nordic Naturals 111 Jennings Drive
02 November Los Angeles UCLA Smart Grid Thought Leadership Forum
05 November Pasadena Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals
05 and 06 November Redondo Beach Dinner with Dr. T. Colin Campbell - Author of The China Study at Seventh-Day Church
401 South Prospect Avenue at 6.30pm
05 November Long Beach Benefit Movie Night "Jill's Film" at
Zephyr Vegetarian Cafe 340 East 4th Street at 9.30pm
06 November Redondo Beach Healthy Taste LA with Dr. T. Colin Campbell
06 November Culver City Green Fair LA
06 November Los Angeles Vegan Cupcake and Art Competition at 3pm at Hold Up Art in Little Tokyo
08-10 November San Francisco Advanced Biofuels Markets 2011
10-11 November Los Angeles Opportunity Green Business Conference
12-13 November West Hollywood Gluten Free Thanksgiving w/ Spork Foods at 11am - 1pm and 4-6pm
12-13 November San Francisco Green Festival
14-15 November San Jose 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA
15-16 November Santa Clara Green Energy M&A Outlook for Summer 2012 Summit
15-18 November San Francisco Renewable Energy Markets 2011
16-17 November Calexico 4th Environmental Health Leadership
Summit-Imperial County
16-17 November San Francisco New Greentech Media Conference to
Explore the Stategies of US Solar Market
17-18 November San Jose 2nd Utility Scale PV Plant Optimization USA
19 November Valencia E-Waste Recycling event to benefit Sunshine Learning Centers 8am - 3pm
19 November Acton Thankful Turkeys Celebration at Animal Acres
19-20 November West Hollywood Thanksgiving Extravaganza with Sporks Food 11am - 1pm and 4-6pm
20 November Mar Vista Occupy Rooftops: Community Solar Day
20 November Venice Sea Pulse Film Presentation of the beauty and the threats to the world ocean. Presented by: Macdonald Productions & Dance 4 Oceans Sea Pulse Film Festival at 1pm
25 November Beverly Hills Fur Free Friday on Rodeo Drive from 11a - 1pm
30 November Los Angeles Electric Myths: About our Electric Grid - Lecture by Chris Vournakis of SoCal Edison at the CODA Store Experience Center at 7pm

30 November -
01 December

San Diego Distributed Solar Summit
08-10 November Denver 24th NREL Industry Growth Forum
30 November Denver Meet Gene Baur at the University of Colorado Denver at 6pm
Connecticut - CT   no green or vegan events listed yet
Delaware - DE   no green or vegan events listed yet
District of Columbia
09 November Washington Movie Vegucated premieres in DC!
30 November - 01 December Washington CAAFI General Meeting Conference and Exposition
01-04 November Tallahassee Natural Areas Conference 2011
02-05 November Key West First Annual EcoSummit
03-04 November Tampa Beyond Sustainability: Ecosystems, Economics, and Education
07-09 November Miami 2nd International Conference on Clean Energy
07-09 November Orlando The Third Annual Green Lodging & Hospitality Conference
11 November West Palm Beach Learn Green Conference
01-03 November Atlanta Southeast Biomass Conference & Trade Show
Hawaii - HI   no green event or vegan event listed yet
Idaho - ID   no green or vegan events listed yet
04-05 November Schaumburg The Green Economy Action Roadshow
05 November Crystal Lake MCC Presents Green Living Expo and
2011 Bioneers Conference
05 November Chicago Vegan Mania
09 November Chicago Industrial Sustainability Seminar
19 November Chicago Energy Savings Fair
Indiana - IN   no green or vegan events listed yet
01 November Ames Genetically Engineered Foods: The Naked Truth - Lecture at Iowa State University in the South Ballroom, Memorial Union at 6pm
03 November Ames EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think, to Create the World We Want - Frances Moore Lapp at Iowa State
University in the Great Hall, Memorial Union at 8pm
14 November Ames The Health and Environmental Effects of Using Coal as Fuel - Maureen McCue at Iowa State University in the South Balloom, Memorial Union at 6pm
19 November Roeland Park The Future of Wind
Kentucky - KY   no green event or vegan event listed yet
Louisiana - LA   no green event or vegan event listed yet
Maine - ME   no green event or vegan event listed yet
Maryland - MD   no green event or vegan event listed yet
01-08 November Boston 7th Annual Conference on Clean Energy
02 November Boston Groom Energy's Enterprise Smart Grid Conference
04-06 November Marlborough The Solar and Wind Expo
09 November Cambridge How Much Can Trees and Forests Slow the Global Warming Increase? Lecture at
Harvard Museum of Natural History at 6pm
19 November Marshfield Cub Scout Pack 79 Electronics Recycling Collection Event and Fundraiser
Michigan - MI   no green event or vegan event listed yet
07 November Minneapolis E3 2011: The Latest in Renewable Energy Innovation
Mississippi - MS   no green event or vegan event listed yet
03 November Kansas City Bridging the Gap Environmental Excellence Award Ceremony at UMB Bank Auditorium - 1010 Grand Blvd at 6pm
05 November Kingsvile Clean Your Home Naturally at Powell Gardens
- 1609 N.W. US Hwy. 50 from 9am to 12pm
05 November Kansas City Electronic Recycling Event at UMKC parking lot - 5100 block of Oak from 8am to 12pm
19-20 November Lees Summit reEVENT: ecoCHIC Shopping Show
Montana - MT   no green event or vegan event listed yet
Nebraska - NE   no green event or vegan event listed yet
05 November Las Vegas World Vegan Day Celebration with "Pura Vida Fabulous Fest"
07-08 November Las Vegas 7th Annual Conference Lithium Battery Power
14-16 November Las Vegas E-Waste Management Summit at the Bellagio
New Hampshire
01 November Portsmouth Talk from UNH Professor John Carroll on Sustainable Farming in New England at Portsmouth Public Library
17 November Portsmouth Climate Change & New Hampshire's Seacoast
New Jersey - NJ   no green event or vegan event listed yet
New Mexico - NM   no green event or vegan event listed yet
New York
07 November NYC Climate Insights: Financial Opportunities
08-09 November NYC Renewable Energy Insurance and Risk Management USA
North Carolina
16 November Durham Tackling Tomorrow's Energy Challenges Today: A Southeastern Symposium
North Dakota - ND   no green event or vegan event listed yet
10 November Rocky River Earth Day Coalition's 14th Annual Instrumental Evening for the Earth
Oklahoma - OK   no green event or vegan event listed yet
02 November Portland The 2011 Ecotrust Indigenous Leadership Awards
02-04 November Portland 5th Annual International Conference on Business & Sustainability
03 November Portland Green Day Forum
08-09 November Portland Business & the Environment Conference & Trade Show
30 November - 03 December Philadelphia CitiesAlive 2011: The 9th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference
Rhode Island - RI   no green event or vegan event listed yet
South Carolina - SC   no green event or vegan event listed yet
South Dakota - SD   no green event or vegan event listed yet
Tennessee - TN   no green or vegan events listed yet
07-09 November Dallas Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency Conference
13 November Round Rock 23rd Annual Lone Star Vegetarian Chili Cook-Off
Utah - UT   no green or vegan events listed yet
Vermont - VT   no green or vegan events listed yet
20 November Arlington Vegan Day at Bakeshop 11am - 6pm
02 November Seattle Flourishing on a Biophysically Limited Planet Lecture
02 November Seattle Comprehensive Review of Hydropower
03 November Seattle Vision 2050: Global Sustainability
08-09 November Richland National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA): Writing the Perfect EA/FONSI, or EIS
09-10 November Seattle Developing Wind Power in the Northwest Conference
11 November Seattle Revenge of the Electric Car Film
West Virginia - WV   no green or vegan events listed yet
03-05 November Rosholt WAEE Fall Conference 2011: Celebrating Wisconsin's EE Partnerships
Wyoming - WY   no green or vegan events listed yet

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