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Healthy dessert recipes and more - heart healthy recipes that are low in calories and cholesterol!


Is losing weight your new year resolution? Look no further than here: our low calorie recipes are healthy and delicious!

low calorie meals

Healthy dessert recipes and delicious vegan dessert recipes that are low calorie and fast to create. Our vegan cookies are delightful and cruelty free!

Healthy desserts

Healthy Dessert Recipes and Low Calorie Vegan Desserts

When we think of rich desserts we often feel some kind of guilt - as heavy cream pies and cakes come to mind that are loaded with calories and fat. For the longest time we could not even imagine to make a vegan dessert that replaces butter, milk, or eggs. It sure wouldn't taste great, right?

Well, nowadays many pastry chefs and hobby bakers have discovered the answer to the call for delicious and heart healthy desserts in fabulous vegan dessert recipes and vegan cookies.

Below is a collection of healthy dessert recipes, fast vegan desserts, and vegan cookies that are irresistible - and entirely free of bad cholesterol! You will also find these sweet delights to be low calorie and great for your waistline - so have another piece or two!

What is your Most Delicious Vegan Dessert Recipe?
Share your Tastiest Vegan Dessert or Cookie Recipe that no one can resist!

Healthy Vegan Dessert Recipes

Almond Carob Pudding Coconut Rice Pudding Chocolate Walnut Cake Pumpkin Custard Pie with Fat-free Crust

Tasty Vegan Cookie Recipes

Chocolate Chip Cookies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Ginger Cookies Pumpkin Cookies with Flaxseeds

Share your Tastiest Vegan Dessert Recipe that no one can resist!

Are you making heavenly sweet delights without eggs and butter, that taste so good that everyone has a second helping? Please share so we can try to follow in your footsteps!

Be proud of yourself and let us know how you impress your guests with your sweet treats. It’s even better if you have a tasty picture along with it!

You can find additional easy healthy recipes here.

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