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Healthy living tips from famous vegan bodybuilder
Robert Cheeke - fitness idol and best-selling book author.

Robert Cheeke vegan bodybuilder

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A healthy weight loss diet brings your pounds down and maintains your long-term health. Find out how!

healthy weight loss diet

Is losing weight your goal? Our low calorie meals will help with that!

low calorie meals

Find the best foods that provide your daily essential nutrients! Our food nutrition chart has all the answers and some surprising facts!

fresh antioxidant foods

You can prevent or treat fatal diseases with diet. Learn more about our healthy eating guidelines.

healthy eating guidelines

Discover our healthy living tips including natural cures for flu and headaches. Get new fitness tips and learn more about healthy weight loss

Healthy living tips

Healthy Living Tips

Our healthy living tips bring you the latest information about natural living and healthy lifestyles. We cover a wide range of topics that you care about, including:

  • natural cures, holistic nutrition for diseases, and an overview of medicinal herbs
  • healthy weight loss, natural diets for weight loss, and healthy eating habits
  • fitness tips and easy daily exercise that you can do in front of the TV
  • healthy living tips that save you money and time on healthy food choices

Heal yourself from the inside out - prevention is always better than medication!

It's flu and cold season again and the nasty bugs lurk everywhere. Find out why using drugs for a virus is useless, and how natural flu remedies help you cure the flu better and faster. read about natural cures for headaches, with the right herbs.

Learn about the healing power of medicinal herbs and why curry spices have been used in holistic medicine and Ayurveda for centuries.

So you would like to lose weight fast, but without the long-term health risks of low carb and other fad diets? Take a look at our healthy weight loss diet that uses natural, unprocessed whole foods.

While a healthy balanced diet and healthy food options are crucial to fight disease, the benefits of exercise are very important too. You can stay active and lose weight without spending extra time in the gym - look at our fitness tips and daily exercise routines that you can fit into any busy schedule.

Do you want to follow healthy living tips, but not pay more for healthy food choices and nutritious whole foods? You can eat healthy on a budget - and it's easier and cheaper than you think! Check out these "healthy on a budget" tips and learn shopping for health food the smart way!

Carl Lewis about winning Olympic Gold Medals on a Vegan Diet

Can a plant-based diet give you all the nutrients you need as an athlete? You bet!

Some of the most famous athletes have chosen a vegan diet to fuel their competitive muscle power. What about protein? It is very easy to get enough high quality protein on a vegan diet.

Watch Olympic medal winner Carl Lewis explain how he stays fit and beats the competition with his healthy food choices: greens.

Foods That Heal - Natural Flu Remedies and Natural Cures

Another flu attack is around the corner and it's hard to hide from it - flu shot or not. Did you know that drugs don't cure the flu at all? They just suppress the symptoms while potentially leaving you with drowsiness and chemical residues that you don't want.

Natural cures are much more effective against the flu and common cold. and there are many healthy living tips and foods that heal the flu.

My personal proven natural flu remedies are: plenty of liquids like veggie soup and hot tea, loads of vitamin C, eating very little, and sleeping a lot.

That gets me up and perky again after 2-3 days! Compare this to the traditional 7-10 days that any cold or flu will take (regardless if you treat it with drugs or do nothing at all).

When the flu hits you, there are four goals to remember:

    Amazing Natural Cures and Foods That Heal

  1. Flush it out as fast as possible. Liquids are natural flu remedies that wash out the virus quickly.
  2. Boost your immune defense with the right vitamins and foods that heal.
  3. Get enough rest - that includes sleep for you and rest for your digestive system!
  4. And there is one thing to omit: antibiotics. They can't treat viral infections and only burden your system when you need it the least.

Learn more about healthy living tips for natural flu remedies and foods that heal any flu fast and effectively.

Medicinal Herbs - The Healing Benefits Of Curry

In India, curry is an everyday staple food, and while many Westerners may associate curry with exotic flavors and spicy hot chilis over heaps of white rice, curry is not only a tasty dish, but a combination of herbs and spices that can even treat diseases.

Indian curry powders use many medicinal herbs and healthful spices based on the ancient science of Ayurveda, the Hindu art of healing and prolonging life.

The belief is that herbs have healing powers, and when combined skillfully into your daily meals, they can aid in preventing or treating many pains and diseases.

Learn surprising facts and read more about the healing power of curry and its medicinal herbs.

Healthy Weight Loss Diet - Natural Weight Loss Foods And Diet Tricks

The problem with most popular weight loss systems is that you may lose the pounds fast, but at a high risk to your long-term health. On top of that, extreme diets like low carb, etc. often result in the unwanted diet yo-yo effect when you start eating normally again.

healthy weight loss

You can avoid all of that, lose your weight fast, maintain it long-term, and improve your overall health with this healthy weight loss diet.

Find out why traditional diets don't work and why animal products with their high fat and high protein content are a bad idea for long-term weight loss and other healthy living tips.

Discover what kind of healthy weight loss is the only permanent one, and what you should and shouldn't eat, to maintain your health - and your best weight - all at once.

Fitness Tips For Any Busy Schedule - Get Your Daily Exercise At Home

daily exercise yoga

The new year always comes with great resolutions to follow more healthy living tips: especially to lose weight and exercise more.

Does that apply to you? Most fitness tips include an expensive home training device or hours spent at the gym. Healthy weight loss appears only possible with an endless range of "fast diets for weight loss" and "magical pills".

You can do better than that! Work your cardio-vascular system without a treatmill. Stimulate your blood circulation, metabolism, and healthy weight loss with easy exercises that require no props, no money, and no extra time!

Simply add regular daily exercise to your TV watching routine and watch the pounds melting away, your bones and muscles getting stronger, your endurance improving, and your flexibility increasing.

Research published in the Wall Street Journal states that TV watching without movement for several hours can increase your risk of death between 13 - 46%. That also includes people that are normally active and exercise!

That won't apply to you if you follow these easy healthy living tips and daily yoga and strength exercises - at any time at your convenience - and in the comfort of your own home.

Eating Healthy On A Budget - Healthy Food Choices At A Discount Price

Saving money

It is a common myth that healthy food options are more expensive, but it's really just a matter of knowing where to shop and how to plan ahead. You don't need to compromise health nutrition and a healthy balanced diet for an affordable price!

Start shopping smart and learn what to look for when you follow healthy living tips on a budget.

Find out what habits to avoid, what healthy foods you should buy in bulk, where you get the best natural foods cheap, and how to prepare them to last longer and provide the most health benefits.

Check out our guidelines for eating healthy on a budget.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended as medical advice. It is solely based on the experience and information researched and gathered from reputable sources by Ina Mohan. Please consult with your certified healthcare provider to ensure that you can safely follow the healthy eating guidelines provided on this website. Ina Mohan encourages you to research and verify all health and diet information that you receive, particularly from sources that may have a commercial interest in disputing the healing capabilities of the human body with wholesome nutrition.