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Healthy meals to lose weight? But of course! Our low fat low calorie recipes will make your weight loss a breeze!

low calorie meals

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You can prevent or treat fatal diseases with the right diet. Learn more about our healthy eating guidelines

healthy eating guidelines

Discover healthy meals that heal - the medicinal power of curry spices

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Natural flu remedies and foods that can heal a bad cold

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Healthy Meals and Entree Recipes including easy Vegetarian Recipes for Curries, Pasta, Comfort Foods, and more

Healthy entree recipes

Healthy Entree Recipes

All these healthy meals can be enjoyed at any time of the year. I love cooking Thai food and have added some of our proven traditional and simplified Thai curry recipes to the healthy entrees below. My husband Muk makes the best Indian curries and has agreed to share some of his delightful vegetarian Indian curry recipes. My home country Germany also starts catching up to us vegetarians and I have included two great vegan entree recipes here.

Who doesn't like pasta? A fabulous noodle dish is a great opportunity to get the family together and enjoy a healthy entree for dinner. The selection below has a few nice vegetarian Asian and Italian recipes.

Comfort foods can be healthy meals too! All our main dishes are easy vegetarian recipes and most of them are already vegan recipes - where the use of dairy or eggs is described I have added the vegan version in brackets.

What is your Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipe that everybody loves?
Share your favorite veg recipe that gets rave reviews from your friends and family!

Fabulous Curries

thai curry kale thai curry vegetables Green Curry with Zucchini, Bamboo Shoots, and Fresh Basil Red Curry with Red Bell Peppers, Snow Peas, and Tofu Red Curry with Seitan, Winter Vegetables, and Cashews Panang Curry with Kale, Shitake Mushrooms, Bamboo, and Tofu aloo mutter Seitan Curry Indian Style with Broccoli Indian Potato and Spinach Curry

Delicious Noodles and Pasta

penne alla vodka pasta with green asparagus sauce Pasta with Wild Mushrooms Chinese Pasta with Mustard Greens spicy noodles with shitake mushrooms Spicy Sesame Soba Noodles Rice Noodles with Spinach in Shitake Mushroom Soup

Healthy Comfort Foods

  • Vegan Pizza with Eggplants, Tomatoes, and Spinach - yes we finally have a pizza recipe too and it's amazing. Try your favorite comfort food vegan style!
  • Vegan Tamales - the tasty Mexican staple with a heart-healthy twist. Enjoy a mouth-watering tamal without the calories and bad cholesterol!
  • Vegan Chile Relleno - gimme that without the cheese! We use a delicious mix of tofu and soy mozzarella in this all-time Mexican favorite. Give this healthier version a try and let your friends rave about it!
  • Spicy Vegetarian Chili - nothing can be better than a steaming pot of spicy vegetarian chili! This meat-free version of the humble chili has bean protein galore and will get attention!
  • Risotto with Squash - a nice vegetable variation of one of Italy's top healthy meals.
  • Eggplant Ratatouille with Coriander - not just a hit since the cute rat in the movie "Ratatouille" made a version of it famous! This healthy entree recipe from France is a crowd pleaser.
  • Vegetarian Meatloaf - of all the easy vegetarian recipes - this will be the centerpiece on your table and the talk of your next dinner party. A nutrition-loaded healthy main staple!
  • Vegetarian Lasagna with Spinach and Mushrooms - this healthy recipe can be made vegetarian or vegan, and is sure to please even hardcore omnivores.
  • Vegetarian Lasagna with Lentils and Coriander - the ingredients in this wonderful vegan lasagna add a Mediterranean flavor that works very well!
  • Nutty Brussels Sprouts - the nutrient-packed vegetable in bestform for this German healthy meals version.
  • Red Cabbage Sweet and Sour - a German staple that can be served with cooked or mashed potatoes.

vegan pizza vegan tamaleschile rellenoSpicy Vegetarian Chili Winter Risotto with Squash Eggplant Ratatouille with Coriander Vegetarian Meatloaf Vegetarian Lasagna with Spinach Vegetarian Lasagna with Lentils Nutty Brussels Sprouts Red Cabbage Sweet and Sour

Asian Delights

Chinese Spinach Strir-Fry Spicy Collard Greens - Haak Shitake Fried Brown Rice

What is your Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipe that everybody loves?

We'd love to know your secret for winning over your family and friends at the dinner table! Let us know about your great vegetarian recipe that is the star on the table and is craved by everyone - meat-eater or not.

Don't be shy to rave and tell us about the reactions you get when people try your yummy delight!

Also make sure to add a tasty picture if you have one.

The Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipes Other Readers have shared

Like you - some other readers have a secret weapon recipe that wins the hearts of their dinner guests. Find out more about their tasty secrets!

Moroccan Spiced Spaghetti Squash 
This light and vegetarian spaghetti squash recipe gets great extra flavor through the delicate spices. Serves 4 Prep Time: 10 mins Total Time: 30 …

Click here to write your own.

Ready for dessert? We have a great selection of guilt-free desserts and cookies.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended as medical advice. It is solely based on the experience and information researched and gathered from reputable sources by Ina Mohan. Please consult with your certified healthcare provider to ensure that you can safely follow the healthy eating guidelines provided on this website. Ina Mohan encourages you to research and verify all health and diet information that you receive, particularly from sources that may have a commercial interest in disputing the healing capabilities of the human body with wholesome nutrition.