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More low calorie meals that are also heart healthy and low cholesterol

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A healthy weight loss diet brings your pounds down and maintains your long-term health. Find out how!

healthy weight loss diet

Natural flu remedies and foods that can heal a bad cold

foods that heal

Foods that heal - discover the medicinal power of curry spices

medicinal herbs

You can prevent or treat fatal diseases with the right diet. Learn more about our healthy eating guidelines

healthy eating guidelines

Our low calorie meals and low fat low calorie recipes below taste great and have none of the saturated fats, refined sugars, or sodium

low calorie meals

Healthy Low Calorie Meals

Well-balanced low calorie meals provide you with a healthy weight loss through all of the essential nutrients, but none of the excess fats, sugars, or salt.

Most low fat low calorie recipes cut the fat first, but it is also important to eliminate other nutrition sources that obstruct weight loss or a healthy digestion. Each of the free low calorie recipes in our list below includes weight loss tips that carefully avoid refined sugars and excess salt. We use only natural, whole ingredients in our low calorie meals, that add nutrients and fiber, which drastically help you with a gradual, healthy weight loss.

low fat snacks

Sustainable weight loss plans are possible with a healthy, longer term lifestyle change, but most comercialized weight loss plans and diet programs thrive on the myth of having you lose excess weight in record time, by selling you costly diet programs with low calorie meals that target weight loss with an unhealthy, one-sided approach (i.e. low carb diets). This will lead to weight loss in the short term, but as soon as you eat "normal" again, the weight will come back, tempting you into another diet, and yet another one after that.. It's the well-known yo-yo effect of low carb diets and many others. On top of that, a low carb diet dangerously deprives you of the essential nutrients for your brain and your red blood cells.

Carbohydrates are the number 1 energy provider for your body - not protein, as is often falsely assumed. The trick to fast, permanent, and healthy weight loss with low calorie meals is to cut out bad fat, processed sugars, and excess sodium. Carbohydrates are very good for you and will promote a healthy weight loss if they are complex and whole, such as in brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or sprouted grain bread.

low calorie desserts

Therefore, all of our low calorie meals, low fat snacks, and low calorie desserts are vegan and free of animal ingredients, to provide you the maximum health benefits and the minimum of calories - while never compromising great taste and the enjoyment of eating delicious food.

We use unprocessed whole foods in our low fat low calorie recipes, which promote a healthy metabolism and allow your body to store the essential nutrients it needs, while easily disposing of the rest.

Delicious Low Fat Snacks

Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Hot and Sour Cucumber Sticks Colorful Lettuce Bites Edamame Soy Beans Tahini Dip

Great Low Calorie Appetizers

  • Tom Yum Soup - Thailand's most popular soup is a festival of tastes with very few calories in our healthy version.
  • Guacamole Picante - our favorite version of the very nutritious avocado dip.
  • Gujarati Carrot Salad - a wonderful fresh and low calorie recipe that has many vitamins.
  • Oriental Lentil Salad - a hearty and healthy appetizer with a good helping of proteins.
  • Tabouleh Salad - so tasty that you can eat a second helping and still enjoy healthy weight loss..
  • Stuffed Mushrooms - great party pleasers and totally guilt-free in this vegan version.

Tom Yum Soup Guacamole Picante Gujarati Carrot Salad Oriental Lentil Salad Tabouleh Salad Stuffed Mushrooms

Easy Low Calorie Meals

paste with green asparagus sauce vegan tamales Eggplant Ratatouille with Coriander Pasta with Wild Mushrooms Chinese Pasta with Mustard Greens Spicy Sesame Soba Noodles Rice Noodles with Spinach in Shitake Mushroom Soup Seitan Curry Indian Style with Broccoli Indian Potato and Spinach Curry Spicy Collard Greens - Haak Spicy Vegetarian Chili Red Cabbage Sweet and Sour

Delightful Low Calorie Desserts

Almond Carob Pudding Chocolate Walnut Cake Pumpkin Custard Pie with Fat-free Crust

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended as medical advice. It is solely based on the experience and information researched and gathered from reputable sources by Ina Mohan. Please consult with your certified healthcare provider to ensure that you can safely follow the healthy eating guidelines provided on this website. Ina Mohan encourages you to research and verify all health and diet information that you receive, particularly from sources that may have a commercial interest in disputing the healing capabilities of the human body with wholesome nutrition.