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Follow healthy eating guidelines with these easy and light recipes. They are all heart healthy and fast to make!


You can prevent or treat fatal diseases with the right diet. Learn more about our healthy eating guidelines

healthy eating guidelines

Going green with food saves more greenhouse gases than all clean energies. Read more..

save the earth

Our modern food production jeopardizes human health and destroys the environment. Find out why.

factory farm runoff

Belsandia Site Map and Table Of Contents for Healthy Living

The quick and easy way to find what you are looking for on this website!


Below is a table of contents for each page on this website with a short description. Just click on the link you are interested in, and you will be taken directly to the page without any further searching and guessing!

The main categories at this time are Healthy Living, Going Green, Animal Cruelty Prevention, and
Other Information.

Healthy Living - Healthy Eating - Recipes

Holidays with Heart - Share the spirit of this holiday season with everyone around you - including the furry, feathered, and scaled beings that need your love and kindness this Christmas!

Healthy Eating Guidelines - Find healthy eating guidelines and learn how to prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more.

Healthy Vegetarian Diets - Find out about healthy diets including a heart healthy diet. Learn more about vegetarian diets, vegan diet, raw vegan diet, and macrobiotic diet.

Nutrition Data - helpful table of all vital nutrients and healthy food chart. Read more about the real needs for protein, calcium, etc, and why plant foods supercede animal foods in all categories.

Easy Healthy Recipes - Find easy healthy recipes including vegetarian recipes that are heart healthy and low calorie.

  • Healthy Appetizers - Find healthy appetizers including easy vegetarian recipes for starters and vegan recipes.
  • Healthy Snacks - Delicious healthy snacks and vegetarian snacks that are heart-friendly and low calorie.
  • Healthy Lunch - Healthy lunch recipes that are fresh and light - they are fast to prepare and loaded with healthy nutrients
  • Healthy Meals - Healthy Meals and Entree Recipes including easy Vegetarian Recipes for Curries, Pasta, Comfort Foods, etc.
  • Healthy Dessert Recipes - Find healthy dessert recipes and delicious vegan dessert recipes that are low fat and cholesterol-free

Low Calorie Meals and Recipes - Find low calorie recipes that are very healthy low fat vegetarian recipes - they taste great and have none of the bad fats or refined sugars and salts.

Healthy Holiday Recipes - Celebrate these holidays with some great alternative cruelty-free and very tasty recipes!

Healthy Living Tips - Find healthy living tips including natural flu remedies. Read about medicinal herbs and how to combine daily exercise with TV time

  • Foods That Heal - Natural flu remedies and foods that heal.
  • Medicinal Herbs - Medicinal herbs and the many health benefits of curry.
  • Eating Healthy On A Budget - Find out more about eating healthy on a budget. Learn ways to save money and eat healthy whole foods at the same time.
  • Daily Exercise - Get the benefits of exercise while watching TV. Try these easy yoga exercises to avoid the health risks of sitting still for hours.

Healthy Weight Loss Diet - Find out how you can lose weight easily and improve your long-term health at the same time. A healthy weight loss diet must provide all the vital nutrients and prevent the common diet yo-yo effect. Our evgan diet plan will show you how.

Diet Dangers - Low carb high protein diets are dangerous to your health when continued over a longer term. Insufficient carbohydrate intake forces your body into ketosis, which can lead to fatal organ failure and many other health impacts.

Best Exercise for Weight Loss - A good workout routine is key for a healthy, sustained weight loss and increase of the fat burning metabolic rate. Find out what exercises are best for successful weight loss and how much you need to move to burn that excess fat.

Vegan Bodybuilding - Meet Robert Cheeke - famous vegan bodybuilder, inspirational speaker, and best-selling book author. Robert is making a huge difference for people interested in being athletic, fit, and healthy without harming animals along the way.

Your Vegetarian Questions - What did you always want to know about vegetarian diets and healthy living? Have you heard about the health benefits of veganism but want to learn more? Ask your vegetarian questions here and find the most interesting questions & answers from other readers too.

Going Green Tips - Green Events

Going Green At Home - Cut your carbon footprint and reuse, reduce, recycle. Steps that you can can take at home that don't cost extra..

Going Green With Food - Going green with food is much more effective and cheaper than all clean energy solutions - find out why!

Green your car! Our tips for more environmentally conscious driving.

Green events - the most complete list of green events, environmental conferences, eco festivals,and vegan events around the USA.

Animal Cruely Facts and Prevention

Factory Farming - Facts about food production on factory farms, human health risks, environmental impact, and animal cruelty.

Factory Farming - Animal Cruelty - Find out how chickens, egg-laying hens, pigs, cattle, dairy cows, turkeys, and fish are abused and neglected in confned animal farming organizations.

Animal Rights News - Updates from the US National Animal Rights Conference 2010.

  • Animal Cruelty Laws - An overview of the animal cruelty laws and animal rights victories in US legislation over the last few years. Find out how animal abuse is prevented in your state.
  • Cage Free Eggs - The food industry uses misleading labels like cage free, free range, and grass-fed to avert animal cruelty concerns. Read why these are mainly marketing gimmicks.
  • Skin Trade - Review of the movie Skin Trade, which takes aim at the fur fashion industry's cruelty and lies about real and faux fur.

Your Amazing Animal Stories - Tell us your favorite animal story! Whether it is an animal rescue tale, a brave animal abuse protest, a funny animal encounter, or an inspiring story about your beloved pet. See the amazing stories other readers have submitted.

Other - Healthy Living Blog, About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy

The Belsandia Blog - Frequent udpates with interesting topics about healthy living, great vegetarian recipes, animal welfare updates, and green living tips and ideas.

About Us - My journey to a healthy vegetarian lifestyle is described here and how Belsandia.com came about.

Belsandia Privacy Policy, Copyright, and Contact Info - See how we protect your privacy, what our copyright rules are, and how you can contact us.

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