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amazing animal

Fur means animal cruelty for the sake of fashion. Factory farms mean immense animal suffering and cruelty for the sake of food.

factory farming cows

Our modern food production jeopardizes human health and destroys the environment. Find out why.

factory farm runoff

Skin Trade - The Movie that takes Aim at the Fur Industry's Cruelty

fur trade caged dogs

The movie Skin Trade is the latest documentary about the atrocities of the fur industry by animal rights attorney and film maker Shannon Keith, who also runs her own non-profit organization Animal Rescue, Media, and Education (ARME).

mink caged for fur
Mink caged for fur

Skin Trade skillfully depicts the vast abyss between the truth in fur trading and the perceptions that the fur industry feeds to the public through false propaganda: assurances that fur animals don't suffer, and the latest and most absurd - that wearing fur is "green", as it comes from natural resources and can be recycled.

I beg your pardon??

The reality captured in the movie's undercover footage dispels the hoax and paints the fur industry as what it is: blatant liars and killers that interrupt the natural ecological balance with their abhorrent and cruel practices. Watch the movie - it says it all. You will learn facts about the fur industry that will chill you to your bones.

Labrador dog
He could be in your
faux fur coat

Nowadays real furs are often dyed in glaring colors to give them a "faux look". Consumers have started to demand faux fur in the wake of disclosures about fur animal cruelty, and the publicized actions of animal lovers who spray-paint fur-wearing wannabe fashionistas.

My favorite story comes from the UK, where the public expresses their disgust at fur with such fury, that one corner in London bears a sign, warning fur wearers that they could be sprayed upon. People seem to take note - or live out their perverse fur fantasies behind closed doors - as only few fur coats are on display in London's streets nowadays.

The shockingly sad truth is that one fur coat alone requires the lives of 40 minks, 40 foxes, and more than 100 chinchillas. Swallow that - this is just ONE coat.

I feel a revolting agitation in my stomach just thinking of the many screams and hours of horror going into that one piece of fashion abomination.

dog electrocuted for fur
Dog electrocuted for fur

So what about faux fur? I have bad news: Cheaper faux fur coats imported to the USA from China do not mandate that labels list the kind of fur used. Over 96% of coats tested in this spectrum contained fur from cats and dogs that are openly and gruesomely killed in China's streets. This is profitable business, and the fashion industry is fighting hard to keep garments with fur worth less than $150 under the radar of inspections and labels.

The only way to stop the abusive, deceptive, and fully unnecessary fur industry is to take your stance as informed consumer. So, if you still have anything fluffy in your wardrobe or are looking for a new fur-trim jacket, please make sure the label tells you what fur is used - it has to be synthetic. Labels also use exotic names for their fur sources to disperse customers' worries, as they can't easily associate a known animal with those names.

I urge you to watch Skin Trade before you make the next move. I promise that you will think again, and may choose to keep your wardrobe entirely fur-free - real or faux.

I deliberately chose to show less cruel images on this page to encourage you to read the full page, and not turn away in disgust too early. Unfortunately the reality of these animals' suffering is beyond belief. Please help to stop this unnecessary cruelty and don't wear or use any fur.

Belsandia hosted the Skin Trade Las Vegas Premiere!

Our Skin Trade Las Vegas Premiere on November 19 was a blast and we made many new friends and great connections in Las Vegas to spread awareness about the fur fashion industry's cruelty.

Shannon Keith and Gene Blalock did an amazing job with this film, and it is inspiring to watch them go about filming documentaries that hit hard and make a difference for animals!.

Click on the link below to see photos from the event!

Skin Trade Las Vegas Premiere

Find out more about Skin Trade - The Movie.

Skin Trade Movie Banner

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