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The Beagle Freedom Project by ARME

by Ina

ARME stands for Animal Rescue Media & Education, a Los Angeles based non-profit run by my good friend Shannon Keith. Shannon's mission with ARME is to rescue unwanted, neglected, or abused animals in the LA area and beyond.

The Beagle Freedom Project
is her latest animal rescue endeavor and it is a heart-warming, absolutely awesome story that you don't want to miss:

Beagles are often used in research laboratories, as this dog breed is usually calm, eager to please, and rarely barks. All these good qualities that make beagles wonderful pets work to their disadvantage in this case. These beagles were likely used for painful toxicity tests for cosmetics, drugs, and household products that are already on the market and do not require more of these same tests. However, research labs can demand huge grants from pharma and product companies for animal testing, which often takes years. Therefore the labs have little interest to switch to more efficient, faster, and much less expensive non-animal test alternatives, which already exist for every known toxicity test.

Too many test labs are still using animals for experiments that are redundant, very painful, and have no significant benefit for humans. Beagles are often bred specifically for these research facilities and the breeders can sell them to labs for up to $750 per dogs, which means huge profits for them.

From their birth to the day where they are killed during or after an "experiment" in the lab, these dogs never leave their metal cages except for the cruel tests they have to endure. They never run across the lawn or play fetch with a ball. Beagles in test labs often live very short lives and are killed young. It is extremely rare that any of the dogs make it out alive from the test lab, as they are often too sick or the lab prefers to keep their testing methods hidden from the public.

This case of our Beagle Freedom Project is truly exceptional, and this is where Shannon and her organization ARME kicked into action and changed the life for two lucky dogs, who did not even know what it means to be a dog: In December 2010 Shannon received word that two young beagles that were used in research labs were given another chance at life: the lab would hand them over to a rescue to find homes for them.

Not wasting a minute to let this great opportunity pass, Shannon grabbed a few crates and a few friends and rushed over to the lab to welcome these two adorable puppies into the real world - a world where they can run around on soft soil, get belly rubs, and snooze away the afternoon on the couch or in someone's lab - without ever again fearing the gloved hands that reached into their cages to pull them out for another painful experiment.

Shannon named these two lucky pups Freedom and Bigsby. Watch the video how the adorable pups make their first steps out of a cage - their first steps ever outside of steel bars and hard tile floors. Let your heart melt when you see these lovable dogs making their discovery of the world outside the research lab!

Shannon Keith has rescued these two young beagles from certain, painful, and untimely death after being life-long involuntary test objects for cruel experiments.

Her rescue organization ARME can save even more animals from research labs with your help! More beagles like Freedom and Bigsby will be able to see the sun for the first time in their lives if you can help ARME to foster or adopt one of these lovely dogs into your home! Or spread the word to every other animal lover you know! Here is what you can do to help.

We can make a difference for animals like Freedom and Bigsby, and give them another chance to live at least part of their lives as it was meant to be: to run, jump, play, cuddle, and be happy like a dog who has a loving family that will take away the pain and the bad memories!

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Mar 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

thankyou for raising awareness of still using animals in experiments.


May 26, 2011
Truly inspiring for others
by: Anonymous

What Shannon does with her Beagle Freedom Project is truly inspiring for others. If we dig a little we all may find an animal test lab not far from our home, and it may be worth inquiring with them if they would give these animals up for adoption.

This could start a new way for them to "dispose" of the poor creatures rather than having them killed. Every chance these abused animals can get is worth the try!

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